A world-renowned artist and inspirational thinker, danielle has received numerous awards for her paintings which she describes as “sanctuaries for the soul.”

Raison d'etre(above)

Glazed Original Painting 72 X 24" £7,450

Glorious Breath of Day

Glazed Original Painting 48 X 48" £8,650

Her deceptively loose, impressionistic style disguises the intricacy of her brushwork and the stylish formality of each composition.

Evening Holds the Heart

Original Painting 60 X 30" £7,850

Recipe for Love I,II & III

Glazed Original Painting 20 X 72" £6,250 (each)

"This work is about the unity of being together - and while not strictly a family piece, this is the strength we garner from those we love and hold dear to us. Painted upon a deep sky indigo background, these blossoms get to shine their beauty and be bold enough to shout togetherness and happiness."

The Fabric of my Heart

Original Painting 40 X 40" £7,450

Only with You

Glazed Original Painting 72 X 24" £7,450