we know place as we return to ourselves when we find the quiet within a centred still place a remembering we know place through the expanse of the universe and wide open spaces …believing in strength in beauty in the magnitude of good. danielle

“This is an open, airy piece, capturing a sense of renewal. On the bottom, we have trees laden with heavy snow, while above we have floating cherry blossoms (known as sakura in Japan), signalling the arrival of spring and of something new and exciting. There is a great sense of depth to this work, with the weighted mountains grounding us and the washed expansive sky, where the spirit guides float, enveloping. The colour way is welcoming and calming and lets us know the moment of arrival has come.”


Glazed Box Canvas Edition of 150 Artwork Size: 40 x 24” £1,095


Glazed Box Canvas Edition of 150 Artwork Size: 40 x 24” £1,095

“This is a very dynamic piece, full of colour, movement and complementary forces. It is a homage to the dream state from which I draw so much inspiration for my work and life. The drama comes from the background sky awash with inky grey juxtaposed up against a strong rose-coloured dawn. Where they interface, we have bubbles of frivolity and joy. This playful movement is polarised by the thrusting strength of the mountains and the powerful temples. Ethereal snow blossoms and spirit guides float skyward while the blue hued trees at the bottom take our eye to the rooted trunks, and with head in the sky and feet on the ground, we feel safe enough to embrace the dream state.”