Craig’s innovative mixed media pieces explore the relationship between traditional techniques and modern technology. His creative process is complex and singular; after hand painting and scraping a multi layered background, he introduces a print element as a basis for the composition which is taken from his own carefully created image.

He then hand stencils an array of characters onto the canvas, before bringing them to life with an exquisite level of detail adding faces, clothing and accessories as well as their own personal shadow. Finally Craig finishes each piece with a rich reflective glaze, the last stage in the creation of a unique and beautiful collector’s item.


Mixed Media, 24” x 24”, £4,350

His art is about more than form, colour, style or genre. It is, he says, all about the importance of belonging.

Cubed Culture

Mixed Media, 36” x 36”, £8,295

Hope Around the Corner III

Mixed Media, 36” x 36”, £8,295

Red Carpet Capture

Mixed Media, 40” x 40”, £8,995