The sunlit artwork of Sherree Valentine-Daines reflects the things she loves and believes in. This inspirational collection offers a rare opportunity to invest in one of the foremost artists of her generation and is expected to attract the interest of collectors from across the UK.

Feeding the Fish Original Painting on Board, 14 X 18”

Joyful Memories Original Painting on Board 16 X 11”

Meadow Flowers Original Painting on Board 6 X 11”

A Walk Amongst the Bluebells Original Painting on Board 8 X 9”

Playing in the Poppies Original Painting on Board 5 X 9”

Running Free Original Painting on Board 8 X 10”

Nature’s Beauty Original Painting on Board, 11 X 13”

We all have moments in our lives that are special and we may try to preserve them in our minds or be lucky enough to have a camera to hand to record them; but Sherree is able to capture those moments and breathe life into the memories, and this new collection is a superb example of this unique gift.