By taking traditional oil on canvas works and introducing elements of modern imagery and contemporary culture, Mr. Brainwash has created a playful yet brilliant commentary on art history and his own place in it.

Best Friend Crossing, 2020 Original 36 X 24"

Basquiat Portrait Original 26 X 32"

Skillfully deconstructing familiar images from the art world – old masters, impressionism, contemporary iconography – and referencing individuals from Warhol and Basquiat to Snoopy, he subverts our perception of what art is and what it means to each of us.

Untitled, 2020 Original 20 X 24"

Banksy Sitting VIP, 2020   Original 20 X 24"

Balloon Girl, 2015 Oil on Canvas 22 X 26”

Basquiat Portrait, 2016 Original 28 X 36"

Avenue De Koon, 2018 Original 16 X 12"

Kisses Original 9 X 10"

Sweep It Under, 2020 Original 36 X 24"