Subversive and playful as ever, Mr. Brainwash breaks all the rules in this flamboyant collection of vibrant canvases which showcases his prolific creativity and his endless ability to both amaze and amuse us.

Black Cab Original 40 x 22” £59,000

Liberty Original on Canvas 50 X 66"

Poppy Original on Canvas 30 X 22"

Love Is in The Air Original on Canvas 28 X 42"

With All My Love Original on Canvas 30 X 40"

Juxtapose Original on Canvas 64 X 42"

To sum up Mr. Brainwash in a word, we have to borrow from his own native language. He is, as the French would say, ‘rocambolesque’ – incredible, extraordinary, improbable!

Balloon Girl Original on Canvas 36 X 48"