Each original ‘Collection’ piece is unique and highly detailed, hand-made in a complex process which takes many hours of work. Patrick’s innovative technique is not digital, but uses layering and angling to create the ‘kinetic’ effect. The works are typically finished with gold and silver leaf, acrylic paint or glitter dust.

When an individual moves around the artwork, the meticulous layering, placing and folding creates an ever changing response to each point of view. The spectator can change what they see and decide on the nature of that change through their speed, distance, and angle to and around the work. In this way, every interactive viewing experience is personal and unique.


Kinetic Original Work Double Principle with Silver Leaf Size: 44 x 44", Framed Size: 54 x 54" £14,695

Major Tom

Kinetic Original Work Triple Principle with Gold Leaf Size: 19 x 28", Framed Size: 29 x 39"


Never Lose Hope

Kinetic Original Work Double Principle with Gold Leaf Size: 29 x 29", Framed Size: 41 x 41" £13,250

Infinity Marilyn

Kinetic Original Work Triple Principle with White Glitter Dust Size: 44 x 29", Framed Size: 54 x 39"


‘The Triple Principle depicts three images, one central and two laterals. The side views are created by strips inserted perpendicular to the central image. Two distinct images are visible, from both sides at 45° angle. This technique allows visual variations when the spectator moves around the work, while maintaining defined sight of the central image.’