Michael’s distinctive, elongated figures, solitary or grouped, represent our environment, our families, our neighbours, and the society we live in.

The work of Michael Speller is not easily defined; it may be abstract or representational, static or dynamic, solid or ethereal. He is an artist who is never restricted by traditional sculptural concepts, but references a whole range of ideas and influences and brings them together in a harmonious combination of sculpture and space, both exquisitely composed. With this balance and harmony, he achieves great beauty and equilibrium in his art.


Foundry Bronze Edition of 8,

Size 24” x 41”, £14,950


Foundry Bronze Edition of 8,

Each figure approximately 5” x 37”,



Foundry Bronze Edition of 12

Size 34” x 20”, £12,950


Foundry Bronze Edition of 12

Size 16” x 74”, £25,950

“My work using the human form attempts to find a rhythm in our lives whilst accepting our faults and frailties. Balance I believe does not come from plumb lines and tape measures, but from reflecting our imperfections and idiosyncrasies and counter balancing them with our positive attributes in order to achieve a visual and spiritual harmony, both with ourselves and with the world around us.”