All Michael’s pieces are interlinked and interdependent. As he explores the balance between conflicting forces and emotions, he creates work that is visually striking and reflects his great passion and enthusiasm for life.


Foundry bronze on Triangle Base Edition of 12

67 x 55”, £44,000

Michael employs traditional methods in his foundry using hot poured bronze which is both very strong and extremely delicate. It gives a rough, authentic texture and offers him a wide range of patinas and subtle finishes. Foundry bronze will last not only for a lifetime, but for generations to come. “Creating in bronze is an amazingly earthy process that has changed little over hundreds of years. The core of the format is timeless and the potential forms and colours of the material are endless.” This fascinating short film gives an insight into Michael’s creative process which, he says “is only limited by imagination.”


Foundry Bronze Edition of 12

Approximately 8” x 35” (Stone shape varies), £13,950


Foundry Bronze Edition of 18

Size 33” x 27”, £11,950