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Once you have decided who will be in the painting, you will enter into a collaboration not only with one of the UK's leading figurative artists, but also with a master storyteller. Your story may be simple or complex, fact or fiction, literal or metaphorical – but when you embark on your creative journey with Vincent a whole world opens up before you. As writer and director of several short screenplays, he is a master of character creation and can transform his subject into a gun toting gangster, a hard drinking poker player or a classic femme fatale. There are so many possibilities: from a tender moment between a contemporary father and son to a 1920s 'Great Gatsby' homage, or even something as specific as a recreation of Rembrandt’s ‘Night Watch’ featuring your board of directors - whatever your vision, Vincent will work with you to bring it to fruition in a compelling and unique piece of art.

Below are four captivating examples from Vincent’s previous productions.

The Queen of Diamonds

Featuring a stellar cast, this sensational short film mesmerised the audience when it opened at the Mayfair Theatre’s Private Screening Room, and the accompanying collection captures some of the key dramatic moments.

“I always loved the Renaissance style of painting – lots of light, muted palette.” Vincent Kamp

The Long Game

With a cast of 20 characters and a screenplay written by Vincent, The Long Game brings together gangsters, mobsters and gun-toting barmaids in a story of drama, danger and righteous retribution. The darkly compelling portraits are characterised by a rich seam of narrative tension, heightened emotions and a frisson of danger.

The Diamond Roulette

The Diamond Roulette is a classic noir tale in which glamour and greed clash with murder and mayhem with spectacular results. The exhibition and experience were launched in the beautiful Amber Room at the Ritz, where the story is set.

Vincent undertakes a limited number of commissions in a year and a small number of spaces are now available for 2021.

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